Top Ten Reasons why Tourists Should Visit New Zealand

Why this Place Should be on the Top of Every Tourist’s Visiting Bucket List

New Zealand is, unquestionably, a great place for tourists to visit. Tourists can be assured of having a remarkable trip to this place. Visiting New Zealand might seem like a long trip across the globe, but it is worth every minute spent on a plane. This article outlines some of the top reasons why tourists should include New Zealand in their top tourist destinations. These reasons include:

The Diversity offered by the Scenery that is Completely Unaffected by Human Activities

New Zealand is majorly made of two islands and other smaller islands. There are numerous spectacular sceneries in New Zealand. Some of the major breathtaking tourist attractions include:

  • Sunny beaches
  • Offshore islands
  • Subtropical forests
  • Snow-capped mountains
  • Lakes
  • Glaciers
  • Vast flat and low-lying plains to the south of the country
  • Hot springs

Friendly and Amazing People

The locals, also knowns as “Kiwis,” are friendly people and warm to foreigners. In New Zealand, a very broad range of cultures is well-represented. Since New Zealand was colonized by the British, the British influence is still strong and evident in a number of establishments from the colonial era.

Numerous Outdoor Adventures to Engage in

The country offers innumerable outdoor activities for tourists who love adventures. One of the most popular outdoor activities that were invented in this country is bungee jumping. Additionally, there are other numerous activities such as kayaking, sailing, snowboarding, skiing, parachuting, surfing, caving and horseback riding.

The Diverse Wildlife in New Zealand is Second to None

Before the large landmass movement millions of years ago, New Zealand was initially joined to the landmass that connected Antarctica and Australia. Therefore, flora and fauna found in New Zealand are unique and do not exist in any other place in the world. Some of the unique plant and animal life include the Kauri tree species and the Kiwi bird- which has become a national symbol of New Zealand.

Travelling around New Zealand is Easy

New Zealand has a well-developed transport network. To move around, one only needs to hop on a van or use a car. Virtually, every town in New Zealand has an information center that helps tourists in case they need advice on moving around or directions to the local sites of tourist attractions. The fuel price in New Zealand is much lower than most countries around the world. Moreover, there is an incredible bus network that covers the entire country.

The Vine Yards and the Wine Produced in New Zealand is a Must-try

The wine produced in New Zealand is renowned worldwide for its amazing quality. This is spectacularly odd considering the fact that the country only produces about 1 percent of the wine in the world. Tourists can visit the vineyards of New Zealand and the wineries in the country for wine tasting. In addition, there are numerous premium-class restaurants that showcase New Zealand’s best wines and cuisine.

The Interesting Culture of the New Zealand Locals

New Zealand is majorly populated by the Maori natives. Maori culture is an interesting one. The culture in itself is a tourist attraction. Tourists who visit this country enjoy immersing themselves in the Maori culture fully. To completely immerse oneself in this culture, however, one needs to communicate with the locals, and for foreigners who do not understand the Maori language, it becomes quite tricky. As such, most tourists translate Maori to English to communicate with the locals effectively.

The Country is Sparsely Populated, and Congestion is not a Problem

New Zealand is expansive, almost the size of Great Britain in land size, but has only 4.5 million occupants. With the country’s sparse population, congestion is not an issue like in most countries. The largest proportion of the population is found in the country’s major cities such as Auckland.

The Favorable Climate in New Zealand is Worth Experiencing

New Zealand’s climate is temperate, with the Northern side being warmer while the Southern colder. The daily average temperatures, typically, range between 12 and 25 degrees Celsius. The country’s warm summers are best spent at any of the country’s sunny beaches. For snowboarders and skiers, the winters come with snow. In autumn and spring there is plenty of rain in the country and thus more lush greeneries.

The Complete Safety and Security while Visiting

New Zealand is one of the countries with very low crime rates in the world. Safety in New Zealand is not an issue, even for solo travelers.

New Zealand is at the top of most tourists’ travel lists for a reason. The country has a lot to offer in regards to tourist attractions and activities. As such, visiting the country is one of the best